Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fun at Fashion Week

Fashion week ended for me today and not a moment too soon.  I don't think my feet could make it one more day.  It's always a wonderful ride but also very exhausting.  I don't know how most editors go on to cover London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks. I am taking the night off to recover and will be back tomorrow refreshed and ready to go. 

One person who never takes a day or night off is 80+ year old photographer Bill Cunningham.  He can outpace anyone at fashion week and still makes the fashion flock giddy with excitement when they see him.  He took my photo this morning as I exited a taxi on my way to the Michael Kors show.  Even if it never makes The New York Times, just knowing that for one split second, I was worthy of his lens made my day.  Hope his big, bright smile makes yours too. 

Photo by moi at Tory Burch

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