Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chic in LA: Kendall Conrad

My trip to Los Angeles was so scheduled that I barely had time to breathe but I did manage to find some time to shop.  On Saturday, I met a friend at Brentwood Country Mart which couldn't be cuter. And thanks to the power of twitter, Julia Leach of Chance, alerted me that I had to stop by the Kendall Conrad pop up shop there.  I'm so glad she did too because not only did I love the small store design and wall of black and white photos but the fabulous leathergoods. I'm not a girly girl so I prefer clean lined bags and accessories and sometimes even buy those designed for men.  Kendall Conrad gets my aesthetic and I seriously could have bought one of everything.  The bags feature brass hardware influenced by equestrian accouterments and her Spanish heritage which extends to a jewelry line of rings and bracelets. I ended up buying the Esclava chocolate leather and brass cuff bracelet but I have a feeling that I'm going to be ordering the Maquillaje make up bag in white leather and a laptop case before long. She even designs items for dogs and men.  (I so want to make a joke that they are the same but will refrain.)  I was also beyond surprised to find out that no stores in New York carry Kendall Conrad.  Some chic shop owner needs to get on that! 

Photos courtesy of Kendall Conrad

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