Monday, 2 January 2012

Write It Down, Make It Happen 2012 Edition

If you are a long time reader, then you will know my love of the book Write It Down, Make It Happen.  Instead of making New Year's resolutions that just get broken a few weeks later, why not outline your goals for the year. I just went back and reread my New Year, New Goals post from January 2, 2011.  Number 3 was, "I will have my book proposal picked up in 2011." It's a pretty amazing feeling to be in the middle of that process and to know it will be published in late October or early November 2012.  Proof that sometimes, writing it down can actually make it happen.  
  1. I will continue to travel more in 2012. This goal was on last year's list and when I started to tell people that I wanted to write more travel stories, I was offered them.  I couldn't even image when I wrote that goal that I would be invited on an amazing trip to Morocco.  This year, I already have January trips to Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Anguilla scheduled which is starting the year off on the right foot. I also have been chatting with friends about a possible trip to Mexico City in April.  I'd also really like to turn some of my trips into opportunities for travel magazine articles. 
  2. I will go on an African Safari in 2012. I am making this a goal separate from travel because it is a major goal that I have for this year.  It's always been a dream to travel on safari since seeing Out of Africa.  I originally wanted it to be where I went on my honeymoon but since that doesn't seem to be happening, I'm just going to go by myself or with friends, preferably on a press trip. Safaris are expensive you know. I already have my safari ensembles picked out at Beretta
  3. I will sell at least 50,000 copies of my book "Creativity at Work."  This goal technically will begin in 2012 and continue into 2013.  I was already told that this goal is a bit crazy which of course will drive me to make it happen even more.  If you tell an Aries something is impossible, we'll figure out a way to make it possible. If each of my daily blog readers bought one copy, I would make this goal.  If half bought two copies, I would again reach my goal. We've already been laying out the design and I really think you're going to like it if I do say so myself so hopefully everyone will buy a copy. I'm already looking forward to my book tour and parties. 
  4. I will consult on a hotel project in 2012. My various trips in 2011 had me staying in many different hotels. I feel like a lot of commercial projects in general are designed by men.  Tall men who don't take into consideration that a petite woman or shorter people might be using their spaces.  There were a few tubs I could barely climb in and out of as well as one room so dark I could barely see in it.  Men also don't think about putting a standing makeup mirror in the room so a woman can put her makeup on out in the room while her traveling companion takes a shower and gets ready in the bathroom. And what's up with just five hangers in the closet?  That doesn't even cover one day's outfits for me. 
  5. I will advance my photography skills in 2012. I feel like I barely know what my Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera is capable of doing.  There are functions that remind me of math class which was never my strongest subject so I am determined to take a photography class this year.  I also don't feel like I know enough about lighting and post production.  I am actually considering spending time this summer assisting some professional photographers.  You are never too old to learn or try something new.
  6. I will eat healthy and make time for exercise in 2012. One of the hardest challenges for me is working from home which deals with a few items on my list for 2012.  It's easy to spend all day working in front of the computer. I've already started to eat healthy and drink Green Love juice from Organic Avenue everyday and look and feel better .  I plan to get back on track with yoga and Physique 57 as well.  My warm weather trips in January are really helping keep me on track so far but I want to keep up with this goal for the entire year.
  7. I will try to get better at returning emails in 2012. This is my goal every year and I never seem to get a handle on it.  I receive a crazy amount of junk emails everyday which doesn't help. I've been trying to unsubscribe or create delete filters but my inbox always seems to be full.  I am going to try to keep to the 24 hours rule in 2012 but sometimes I just want to enjoy my life and not always be worried about returning emails.  
  8. I will get up earlier in 2012. I don't sleep in until noon but I also don't get up as early as I should.  This could help with number 6 by giving me more time to return emails.  We'll see how it goes. 
  9. I will not feel guilty about seeking inspiration during the middle of the day 2012.  I paid my dues.  I worked for other people in offices where I was chained to my desk all day.  Part of me thinks I should be on a schedule but as a creative person, I find a schedule stifling. If I want to go to a museum exhibition during the middle of the day for inspiration or even just get a manicure, by golly I'm gonna do it.  This can only really happen if I get better at goal #7 and have all my work done but  not sitting at my desk all day also helps with goal #6. I just want to enjoy my life as much as possible. 
  10. I will be really happy in 2012! I can already tell this is going to be a great year!

I am very lucky that so many wonderful people in the worlds of design, fashion and art read my blog.  So many have found their true passion in life and have their dream jobs which is the theme of my book.  But the person I think about most when I write my blog is that person who doesn't have their dream job.  The person who is sitting in a cubicle miserable and reading blogs as an escape.  I never ask my readers to do anything for me but if you are one of these people, please take one step toward your happy life in 2012.  Maybe you could take a class, find a mentor, volunteer, read a self-help book, anything.  Do something that can get you closer to your dream job and dream life.  

Life is short.  The world is big.  Get out there and enjoy it!

Photo by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

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