Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Back from Morocco!

I just returned from my whirlwind week in Morocco and can't believe all that I experienced in seven days!  It was an amazing trip and can't wait to share the highlights soon.  One of them was definitely riding camels, actually dromedaries since they only have one hump, on the beach in Essaouira with my new friends Fiona Byrne of NAAG, Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt and Dina Fiero of HL Group and Eye4Style. That's me on the end with the inappropriate camel riding ensemble that included Christian Louboutin flats. 

I also apologize for the radio silence since Saturday but my fancy new laptop screen decided to die on Day 2.  We actually didn't even have WiFi at some of the hotels so it was nice to completely unplug and enjoy my time away.  I'm currently downloading my photos and I know you will love Morocco as much as me.  I saw so much and visited places that I never would have on my own if it wasn't for the generous invitation from the Tourism Board of Morocco and HL Group.  It was a trip that I will never forget.  Thank you!

Photo by Fiona Byrne via NAAG

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