Tuesday, 6 September 2011

de Kooning: A Retrospective

If you live in New York, I suggest you don't look at the weather forecast for this week.  All the rain has me wishing that de Kooning: A Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art was open now.  It would be a perfect rainy day activity but unfortunately it doesn't open until Saturday, September 18, 2011.  As I've mentioned many times before, I love abstract expressionism but I know not everyone feels the same.  I hope this exhibition that features over seven decades of the artist's work will open their eyes to the beauty that can be found in non-representational art.  Although, de Kooning was known to include figures of women in some of his works, they aren't exactly known to be beauties.  It's in these works that you can see his influence on contemporary artists such as Cecily Brown.  "This is the first major museum exhibition devoted to the full scope of the career of Willem de Kooning, widely considered to be among the most important and prolific artists of the 20th century." It will run through January 9, 2012.  

Woman I, 1950-52

Willem de Kooning in the studio 1953

Pink Angels, 1945

Willem de Kooning in his East Hampton studio,1977

East Hampton, 1968

Interchanged, 1955

East Hampton Studio

Orestes, 1947

East Hampton, 1952

Willem de Kooning in the studio, 1989

Willem de Kooning, 1950

East Hampton, 1968

East Hampton

East Hampton

Park Rosenberg, 1957

Water Mill, 1960

Woman, 1951

East Hampton, 1971

Rider, 1985

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