Thursday, 1 March 2012

Barbour, Bikes and Boys

As I was walking up Madison Avenue the other day enjoying the sunshine, I noticed something interesting in the window of Barbour.  They had signs up announcing their new Barbour Steve McQueen collection.  Long time readers know I love myself some Steve McQueen so this seemed like an excellent excuse to post some more pics.  I also do actually have some straight male readers who I think might find the clothing and coats appealing. I especially love the cool jackets like the one below.  Motorcycle and daredevil attitude sold separately of course.  

"I live for myself and I answer to nobody." - Steve McQueen

"Racing burns like a fever inside me." - Steve McQueen

"I did grow up next door to Steve McQueen, who was a very famous movie star at the time, but as a kid it didn't impress me. We always had great fun with him. He would take us out on Sundays on his motorcycles, riding around in the desert; he was like a second father." - Herb Ritts

"He was a beautiful, beautiful man." Jaqueline Bisset

"I'm not sure whether I'm an actor who races or a racer who acts." - Steve McQueen

"He's a misunderstood bad boy you're sure you can cure with a little warmth and some home cooking." - Faye Dunaway

"I don't believe in that phony hero stuff." - Steve McQueen

"I remember seeing him across the swimming pool and my knees were knocking. He radiated such macho energy. Men wanted to be like him. Uptight society ladies and biker molls wanted to be with him." - Ali MacGraw

"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting." - Steve McQueen

"I'm out of the Midwest. It was a good place to come from. It gives you a sense of right or wrong and fairness, which is lacking in our society." - Steve McQueen

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